Why Should I Pre-Plan?

The death of a loved one is a tragedy every household will experience. Most families find themselves ill-prepared to handle the decisions and costs associated with this. Besides the opportunity to share in these important decisions with your family, pre-planning also provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Ease the emotional and financial burdens for your family
  • Have peace of mind for yourself
  • Make decisions now for yourself that otherwise you may not have the opportunity to make
  • Take advantage of financial savings
  • Make choices and decisions regarding end-of-life care


What are the financial advantages? What are my payment options?

Funds used to pay for funeral expenses of your choice, are exempt as resources when determining Medicaid eligibility.

When you pre-pay for your funeral arrangements, there are certain items that are considered "guaranteed items."  The amount you pay for these items today will be provided at no additional cost to your family when the need arises. All Pre-paid arrangements are reported to the West Virginia Attorney General’s Office.  Therefore your funds paid are guaranteed and transferable.

Paying for the funeral you have chosen can be accomplished by paying the amount in full on the day of the arrangements or by making payments over a period of time.  Our licensed funeral director will be able to discuss the options available to you.


Do I have to pre-pay as  part of my pre-planning?

No, you do not have to pre-pay to pre-plan.  Keep in mind that pre-planning without pre-payment does not provide you with any of the financial benefits that are available for pre-paid funerals.


What if I have a life insurance policy?

If you have life insurance then you may want to discuss this with your Insurance Agent to find out what options are available to you and your family, what your death benefits may be, and the policies and procedures associated with your policy.  You may also want to review your beneficiary information as well.