For a complete list of merchandise and current pricing information, please contact the funeral home.

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Funeral Merchandise
We offer, but are not limited to:
  Caskets for Burial
  Viewing Containers and Caskets for Cremation
  Cremation Urns
  Keepsake Urns and Jewelry
  Outer Burial Containers (often referred to as Burial Vaults) for Caskets
  Outer Burial Containers for Urns
  Memorial Photo Blankets
  Precious Memories Custom Keepsake Jewelry
  A wide range of Veterans-themed merchandise


Stationery Items
  Standard Package
Standard Register Books, 75 memorial folders, 25 acknowledgement cards
  Premium Package
Premium Register Book, 100 memorial folders, 50 acknowledgement cards
  Elite Package
Designer Register Book, 100 memorial folders, 50 acknowledgement cards

 Prayer cards and additional memorial folders or acknowledgement cards are also available.


Honoring Life Items and Special Services
Snodgrass Funeral Home is pleased to offer Honoring Life stationery and other items to help you create a personalized tribute for your loved one.  Please see our Specials Pricelist and Selection Guide.